COVID 19 shipping delays

the ETA for your buckets are  50+ days from the time you order. Please also note that if you decide to cancel we will be canceling with the vendor which will remove you from the line so when you try to re-order later it will push you back further in the line. Please make note of this when making your decision on what to do. I hope this helps to understand of the delay because the manufacture is having to make over 16 varieties of meals and are doing things in phases.  Once we received Tracking the buckets will be shipped we just can't guarantee a specific delivery date because we're working with the manufacturer directly if there has been delays but rest a sure once they ship it it will be shipped and you will receive it no questions asked. The out of stock issue is  because they did not expect a pandemic to occur which has Caused our part of the market to explode in growth it has had extremely large order and we have a part of that having 90 orders in one mount of these large quantities across the whole board many manufactures like legacy are now facing completely out of stock status and Can longer for fill orders but with legacy they have filed as an essential business which means they will remain open and running three lines constantly to produce and ship the buckets the priority has been given to eb 120 buckets and now we are seeing the tail end of these orders so things will move much faster now than before. So have the peace of mind your order will ship when it does there is no concern for you at all. God Bless and let me know if there is anything else we can do.