Legacy Premium Food Storage Emergency Survival Food 360 Servings Bucket FS0360

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Due to the Pandemic Our vendor the manufacture of this product is experiencing longer than usual delivery times and manufacturing for their products. Please be confident that your order will be first come first served and upon tracking update it will arrive by Fedex delivery.  Please allow 50+ days for delivery this is only an estimate as timeframes do change.


Whether you are just getting started on your emergency preparation or your are a seasoned prepper, our 360 serving supply of freeze-dried meals is an excellent option for you. Expertly packaged, these freeze-dried meals are designed to last long-term in storage and fit easily in most closets. This means you can keep a supply of delicious long-term food storage for use whenever you need it. Prepper or newbie, this supply will meet your food storage needs.

Details and Specifications

All serious emergency preppers know the importance of stocking up on food storage that is going to last long-term and be able to supply the demanding caloric and nutritional needs of a family in an emergency. Tested by several outside agencies, Legacy Premium’s 360 Serving Package of delicious freeze-dried food storage is rated to stay fresh for 25 years or longer. In addition, each meal of this emergency supply has an average of nearly 400 calories per serving. Do your research and you’ll see that’s a much more satisfying meal than most other freeze-dried food storage. Our emergency food is truly designed to meet the needs of preppers everywhere.

Not only is this prepper food supply guaranteed to last long-term, it is also guaranteed to be tasty and full of variety. With 4 different freeze-dried breakfast meals, including strawberry creamy wheat and old-fashioned pancakes, breakfast will be something to look forward to. In addition, with 19 different freeze-dried lunch/dinner meals, including pasta alfredo, stroganoff, and hawaiian-style sweet and sour, among others, your family will love mealtimes, even in a survival situation.

At Legacy Food Storage, because we are emergency preppers ourselves, we have made it our goal to bring to you exactly the kinds of long-term survival products an emergency situation demands. Give our food a try, and we think you’ll agree we are succeeding.Lowest Cost Per 2,000 Calories!

Not all food storage is created equal. Many food storage companies can advertise low prices because they drop the calories in their meals. A great apples to apples comparison is to calculate the cost / 2,000 calories. This will give you a better indicator of the TRUE cost.

Breakfasts Included

Multi-Grain Cereal(28 Servings)

Old Fashioned Pancake Mix(32 Servings)

Oatmeal With Brown Sugar(32 Servings)

Strawberry Creamy Wheat(28 Servings)

Chili Mac(8 Servings)
Classic Chili Mix(16 Servings)
Creamy A La King(16 Servings)
Creamy Potato Soup Mix(16 Servings)
Creamy Vegetable and Rice Soup Mix(8 Servings)
Enchilada, Beans and Rice(16 Servings)
Hawaiian Style Sweet ’n’ Sour(8 Servings
)Italian Pasta with Marinara(16 Servings)
Loaded Baked Potato(16 Servings)
Macaroni and Cheese(16 Servings)
Pasta Alfredo(16 Servings)
Southwestern Soup Mix(8 Servings)
Stroganoff(16 Servings)
Spicy Corn Chowder Soup Mix(16 Servings)
Vegetable Rotini Pasta(8 Servings)
Pasta Primavera(16 Servings)
White Bean Chili Mix(8 Servings)