Legacy Premium Long Term Food Storage 350 Serving Coffee Bucket w/French Press

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Legacy Premium Long Term Food Storage- 350 Serving Coffee Bucket w/French Press DE0350


Due to the extensive damage from this hurricane season Our vendor the manufacture of this product is experiencing longer than usual delivery times and manufacturing for their products. Please be confident that your order will be first come first served and upon tracking update it will arrive by Fedex delivery. 

Wake up well—even in an emergency—with a supply of ground coffee in your food storage! Having a supply of ground coffee in your food storage pantry for emergency situations not only gives you the energy you need to endure difficult times; it also provides a sense of normalcy and comfort when life is not normal. Add Legacy’s premium supply of gourmet ground coffee to your food storage and ensure your mental clarity and stamina no matter what kind of emergency you face.Coffee is an important part of many people’s daily routine, and in an emergency situation more than at any other time, it is crucial that we be at our sharpest and most capable. Adding delicious ground coffee to your food storage supply is the perfect way to ensure you are in top form and can meet emergency circumstances head-on. In addition to helping you feel at your best, having instant coffee on hand also gives you a valuable bartering item should monetary systems fail during an emergency. Because it is such a popular drink, those who are in possession of it during tight times will be in a much more powerful position.Ingredients100% Mountain harvested Brazilian arabica beans Hand selected and small batch roasted. Additional InformationNet Weights 35 servings 10 ounces 283 grams Vegetarian GMO FreeGluten Free No MSG/I+F/AYE Added No HFCS No Cholesterol Sodium Free